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Sireal is a experienced and talented artist with over 10 years of experience with a focus on grey wash and new school styled art pieces. He also really enjoys doing floral, animated designs, anime, comic themed, and afro centric designs. Any design can customized to the customers preference.

Sireal is also the artist who does the micro tattoos for $25. Outside of the micro tattoos his minimum is $50 for small minimalistic tattoos and a rate of about $100 per hour. Appointments can be made by coming in person to discuss your tattoo.  It may be possible to get it right then and there, but if not an appointment for a later date and time can be made .

Appointment require a $25 deposits that is applied to the cost of the overall price of the tattoo but is forfeited in the event that you no call no show. 


BJ is an award winning tattoo artist experienced with all tones of skin. 

While he focuses mainly on black & grey realistic pieces, he is very comfortable with doing color pieces and is able to easily tattoo any part of the body. 

He generally does large time consuming pieces so he has a $200 minimum.

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