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18+ must have ID

   Monday - Thursday 1pm - 10pm

   Friday & Saturday   1pm - 11pm

Sundays 2pm-7pm

$20 for 1 hose Hookah

 $25 for 2 hose Hookah

   $30 for 4 hose Hookah  

($5 to add hemp oil)

    BYOF and or BYOB for no additional cost

   (21+ for BYOB strict protocols enforced)

Hookah Bar


Here at Sireal HQ we believe in transparency. Hence our clear transparent led lit hookah so you can see the clean water. Not only that but the hookah is prepared right in front of you at our hookah bar. 


We use Herbal Hydro for our shisha base.

Herbal Hydro is a completely tobacco free & nicotine free shisha with many diverse and enjoyable flavors. 

Since this shisha contains no tobacco or nicotine, it makes is ideal for patrons 18-20 years of age considering PA raising the age requirements on tobacco and nicotine products. 

Must present ID to enjoy of course.

For those 21 and over, feel free to have menthol tobacco and or hemp oil blended into your shisha to give it a something extra.


Big anime fans around here. When video games are not being played, we typically keep anime playing with subtitles. We have a current subscription to Funimation and take request for content.  Bluetooth headphones coming soon.

Special Events and Private Rentals



If you have never tried an Oculus, you're missing out! Boxing, Escape Rooms, Shooters, Roller Coasters, Ping Pong...

Play by yourself or against someone on the other Oculus. 

Disposable sanitary barriers available.


A wide array of  popular titles such as Multversus, Soul Calibur, DBZ Fighters, Naruto Shippiden 4, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Fifa, Madden, NBA 2K, and much, MUCH MORE on one of our 75" 4K tv's.



Xbox Series X

Play the hottest games X Box has to offer on one of our 75" 4K tv's. We have 4 controllers so its great for local match up in titles such as Multiversus, Call of Duty and Bomber Man. More titles include all current games under the X boxGame Pass, Killer Instinct, DBZ Fighters, Apex, Warzone, Fortnite and much MUCH MORE!


We have an entire room dedicated for one of the most iconic and classic gaming consoles, the Nintendo 64. 

We have classics like Golden Eye, Mario Kart, Smash Brothers and more.

Nintendo 64



Our 2 player arcade houses 3,000 titles...

yes......3,000 games played on retro arcade like gaming station with arcade sticks. This ridiculous amount of titles include Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3, Tekken 1-3, Mortal 1-4, like the first 6 or so Street Fighters, Many Pacman titles, Mega man, The Simpsons, Streets of Rage and sooooooo MUCH MORE!

Board Games, Card Games 
& Table Top Games

A plethora of board games, card games and other table top games. Classics like Monopoly, Chess, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Scrabble, Operation, UNO, and much MORE!



Gaming Headphones

Karaoke Parties twice per month and a private Karaoke Room that can be used anytime during business hours

Dance Pole (spins)

Feeling frisky? Take our X Pole for a spin.

For patrons entertainment purposes only.

We do not provide any live entertainment or employ dancers of any persuasion. And if you bust yo ass...that's on you.

Great Vibes

Dope Music

Music Party System

Have your shazaam ready when you come. You're bound to hear new dope music your going to want to add to your collection. For the most part we play different kinds of R&B & Lofi.

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