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Why get pierced at Sireal Headquarters?

1. Skill. Our piercer has done thousands of successful piercings over his 10+ years of experience. His piercings almost never have any issues and he will not hesitate to assist should any complications arise. 
2. Availability. We also have a piercer available during business hours ALL THE WAY UP UNTIL CLOSE. Due to the quick nature of the procedure, wait times are usually very minimum. Please keep in mind there is a $10 walk in fee but please also keep in mind even with that, our prices are still lower than most other shops.

Vibes. This shop is a whole vibe! It's also a hookah gaming lounge with some of the best aesthetics. Feel free to enjoy its amenities while the piercer prepares for your piercing. No harsh heavy metal, rap or rock music (no offence to those that enjoy such genres.) Mostly R&B, Lofi, Pop and Anime vibes.

Privacy. You'll be pierced in a beautiful and sterile private studio. No open floor plan or screens. Features a large 60" TV, Onyx Stereo, LED Cloud mirror and has enough seating for you to bring 2 friends for support.

Comes with Jewelry. Standard Jewelry is included in the price but you always have the option to upgrade your jewelry for just for just $10 more dollars

Pain Free Piercings: We offer numbing injections to make for pain free piercings! Yes it really works and is very much recommended if you're really scared and or really REALLY hate pain. Highly recommended for invasive piercings like Dermals or more sensitive areas like the nipples. The numbing shot can be used with any piercing with the exception of a VCH.

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